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As a certified Montreal Makeup Artist, Nady is knowledgeable about makeup application techniques of various kinds and can tailor each look to the setting, lighting, wardrobe, and facial features of the talent. Nady gained a reputation for creating gorgeous, light and luminous makeup looks..


She specializes in lightweight, flawless high definition makeup looks.
For best results, Nady works with the client’s features and coloring so their own beauty and personality shines through in photos or at their special event. Her philosophy has always been and will always be: less is more..


Nady is available for commercial photoshoots, editorial and lifestyle projects, corporate, e-commerce projects, movies and video productions, red carpet events and bridal makeup.


A successful makeup artistry background provides Nady with an exceptional understanding of colour, form and aesthetics. A keen eye for detail, steady hand and patience combined with her technical expertise and artistic skill, ensures that her work is consistently of the very highest standards.


“Its a great pleasure for me to make people beautiful… and one day I realized that, just as I was able to do great in makeup artistry I could have a hand in making someone feel confident and empowered with semi permanent makeup as well!” She said.


Nady will always work with you to get the result that you desire. Her diligent work ethic coupled with her ability to understand the client’s needs is the perfect equation for the perfect end result.


She specializes in natural semi permanent makeup that gives extremely natural results, enhancing your features without a heavy, obvious look which celebrates individual beauty.

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To book an appointment (in studio or your location), please email or call directly.
voice : (514) 690-6013

410 rue Saint-Nicolas, #011 H2Y 2P5 Montréal – Vieux-Port

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