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Raluca Diaconu

Service: Permanent lip makeup
Incredible lady, really knows her stuff. I got a lip blush with her + retouch and I am so happy with the results! You can trust her professionalism and she knows how to make you feel welcome and comfortable in her studio. I will definitely go visit her again.

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Iris Enache

Dec 2021
Nadia est une vraie artiste et incroyablement talentueuse dans ce qu’elle fait. J’ai beaucoup aime l’expérience. J’ai eu le lipblush et ma mère la micropigmantion des sourcils, nous sommes très contentées. J’ai des lèvres dépigmentées à cause du vitiligo et je suis ravie du résultat. Finalement je ne me stresse plus pour aller chercher un rouge à lèvre qui peut cacher ma dépigmentation. C’est vraiment incroyable! Ma vie a changé!

Nadia prend son temps pour s’assurer que tout est beau et à votre gout. Elle est professionnelle et très gentille. L’atmosphère est très hygiénique et confortable. Je la recommande sans hésiter!

Merci beaucoup Nadia!


Juillet 2023
Juste un petit update, ca fait déjà un an et demi depuis que j’ai eu le lipblush et mes lèvres sont toujours aussi belles comme c’était au début. Un gros merci Nadia! Very good job! 😊 J’ai hâte de venir pour un retouche plus tard!

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Devil Douglas

She is very talented make up artist 😻 I definitely recommend her!!! Best permanent artist in Montreal

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Pam Carson

Nady gave me a makeup lesson and I am so happy with my experience and the results. She is so lovely and approachable. She took the time to consider what products would look best on me and her choices are absolutely perfect. Her explanations were detailed and practical and I feel confident that I will be able to replicate the look at home. Not only is she a top-quality makeup artist, she is also a kind and generous teacher. I highly recommend Nady!

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Héloïse Chartrand

J’ai apprécié mon expérience chez Nady MakeUp. Nadia, s’applique bien dans son travail et demande toujours si nous nous sentons à l’aise. J’ai hâte de voir le résultat final.

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May N

I had lip blushing with Nadia in January and I loved the results !! She listened carefully to my suggestions and did exactly what I requested. She is very professional and pays attention to detail. I decided to do a follow-up lip blush not because I was not satisfied with the first, but because I believe a follow-up appointment is important to perfect the results even more and to maintain the results longer. I am even more thrilled this time !
I absolutely would recommend her to anyone and I just may go back to get my eyebrows done ! I am a very happy client !!
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Services: Eyebrows, Powder brow styling
Excellent service et résultat impeccable. J’ai utilisé ce service pour corriger un manque de sourcil dû a une cicatrice. Je recommande fortement.

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Iana Eremeev

Nadia is a great makeup artist and she is very talented. I strongly recommend her.

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Julius Grimm Naumkin

Service: Lip blushing
I would highly recommend Nadia’s lip blush services! The results of my lips before and after are night and day. Nadia took such a great care finding the right color, and taking the time to go over each imperfection.
Nadia is great at explaining the procedure, and is easy to communicate with. She makes sure you are satisfied with the results. Excellent work, Nadia is a true artist!

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Marilyn Gélinas

Très bon service!! Franchement sa douceur, son professionnalisme et le résultat sont sans faute. Nadia a repris un maquillage permanent de sourcils que j’avais fait ailleurs avec un résultat plus que décevant. Heureusement elle a fait un travail exemplaire! Je recommande fortement!

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Linh Tran

Service: Lip blushing
Nadia was amazing from beginning to the end! .It was my first time and she was so professional and meticulous with details! I was so afraid that it would hurt and she made the extra mile to make me feel at ease and made sure during the hole process that it was painless and confortable. She would explain every step that she does even showing me that she uses a new needle each time taking it out from the plastic from an unopen package. She took the time to make it perfect. She was so approachable and patient! I am extremely satisfied with her work and can’t wait for my touch up session. I would recommend her work!

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Nady is the best. Really professional. She did my make up for some shootings and it was perfect.
I did my eyebrows later on and she was really meticulous. Je la recommande !!

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Kritika Dorissima

Mon expérience pour le lipblush chez Nadia a été juste la plus réconfortante et rassurante expérience que j’ai eue pour améliorer ma condition de femme quasi quinquagénaire. Pour les raisons suivantes: Nadia est douce et explique tous les gestes qu’elle applique mais surtout Nadia est connaisseur de son métier, elle est une artiste qui sait jouer avec la palette de couleurs qui saura rehausser votre sourire de façon TRES naturelle (aspect très important pour moi). Vous ne pouvez pas choisir n’importe qui pour vos lèvres car si ratées, ça va juste est TRES dur de les masquer. Alors choisissez NadyMakeup , les yeux fermés, vraiment!

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Caroline Chehade

Service: Special occasion makeup
I reached out to Nadia back in 2019 for a full makeup appointment for a special occasion (my sister’s wedding) and I have to say, I absolutely LOVED my makeup, the service and experience, and Nadia is super nice (thank you!!). I had sent her a couple of images of what I wanted and she did exactly that (and even better), and even provided beautiful photos she captured on the spot, so sweet!! I definitely recommend this place!! Thanks again Nadia!

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Curious Lulu

Nady is an absolutely wonderful artiste. I am very happy with her work. Very clean, professional approach. Very friendly personality. Thank you so much, Nadya.

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Lisa Hutter

Services: Eyelash enhancements, Lip blushing
Nadia is an excellent makeup artist. I asked for lash line enhancement, but came back after for lip blush as well. She takes her time to do a perfect job, suiting the design and color to the person. She gave a perfect description of the procedure, including preparation for it and what to expect in the following few days. She’s very experienced, easy to communicate with and she gives an appointment fairly quickly. She obviously enjoys her work like an artist enjoys creating beauty and she takes pride in the result. I’m very happy with her work and I would recommend her to anyone interested

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Service: Microshading
Nadia is an amazing permanent makeup artist ! I recommend Nadia! She is soooo great!

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Dermature Esthetic

Services: Permanent makeup, Powder brow styling, Eyeliners
Nadia is a very proficient artist in permanent makeup, and delivered great results for me. She’s patient and an excellent communicator, she offered clear explanations of each procedure. The procedure was painless with excellent results.I couldn’t be more pleased!

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Lise F.

Nadia did my eyebrows and lips. The result is amazing and natural.
She is very professional: she takes time to find the perfect draw and colour. She corrected a small asymmetry on my lips.
She is such a talented artist and also such a kind person.

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Cynthia Ann Kazandjian

I felt like I was in highly competent hands and my results proved me right. Nady’s bedside manner was incredible and I felt safe. I will be going back.

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Services: Eyebrows, Private makeup lessons, Permanent lip makeup, Eyeliners, Permanent makeup touch-ups
A professional makeup artist for years, Nady is absolutely incredible! She not only has outstanding skills; she is also kind and caring. She really wants you to look your best and will provide you advices to enhance your natural beauty. She knows exactly the colors that will fit you perfectly! As noted by other clients, I also wish I could visit her every week! I am so happy I got to meet such an inspiring woman! Thank you again!

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Kaliopi Malafouris

Service: Permanent lip makeup
This experience went above my expectations. I wish it was something I could do every week of how much I enjoyed going there. Nadia makes you feel comfortable and knows exactly what she is doing. I was always self conscious about my lips but with her help she boosted my self esteem. She changed my life! I am looking forward going back for touch ups in the future. Thank you so much for existing Nadia! 🥰

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Manon Lapierre

Service: Eyelash enhancements
I had my eyeliners done, top and bottom and I just love it! I wake up in the morning and it looks like I already did my eye makeup!
Nady is a real sweetheart too. She is very patient and takes the time to explain everything and will answer any concerns you may have. I find her to be very professional and kind! I highly recommend her!
Thank you Nadia for the wonderful job!

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Ash K

Nadya is super nice experienced and a great teacher. The makeup class is worth it.

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Zenia Olsen

Services: Eyebrows, Microshading
I would recommend to visit NADY makeup for Nadia’s amazing service and professionalism.
I just got my touch up for my microshading and I’ll for sure come back again. Thank you!

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Lauriane Labbé

I got a kind of mix between Lash Line Enhancement / Natural Eyeliner permanent makeup done by Nady, and I am very happy with the result! I wanted to find someone I felt comfortable with since it stays for a couple years, and I was more than satisfied with her service, professionalism and general attitude. I did not feel rushed, or pushed to do the procedure and most of all I felt comfortable enough to ask any questions I had. Along the way of each appointment, she explained the step she was about to execute to reassure me. I love how much time it saves me! Very glad I decided to go through with it!

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Lilia Brindina

Services: Eyebrows, Permanent lip makeup, Permanent makeup touch-ups
Nadia is a very talented artist. I had an amazing experience with Nadia – she is professional, caring, dedicated.
She went above and beyond what I had expected, she knows exactly which color and shape to chose for her clients to look the best –
as a result of her efforts I look so much better now. Thank you Nadia for making me happy!

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Jennifer Richard

Nady is truely a pro at what she does, her attention to detail is unbelievable.

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Nancy Gill

The experience was great. Nadia is a very professional artist , she took the time to explain how it will be done and the place is very clean and white I got my permanent eyeliner done and would recommend this place for everyone.

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Madjda Noui

Nadia did my makeup on Saturday for a professional photo shoot. I really liked her approach since I have very dry skin, so she used products adapted to my skin type. She knew how to highlight my features and helped me throughout the photo shoot. I think his work is excellent. I highly recommend her.

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Marianne Larrivee

Services: Eyebrows, Permanent lip makeup, Microshading
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
I consulted Nadia initially for lip micropigmentation and found it absolutely brilliant! Nadia was very attentive to my needs before, during and after the sessions. I was able to get the natural effect I was looking for and after more than a year and a half, I am still very satisfied with the result! My experience having been incredible, I entrusted my eyebrows to Nadia for a similar procedure and the results are simply amazing! I highly recommend Nadia for her professionalism, her know-how and her great kindness.
Marianne L.

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Isabelle Viau

SNadia is very professional. She’s in the fine detail.

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Gerry Chevalier

Amazing. Love her work. She’s very professional. Also beautiful herself.

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Tatiana Andreeva

Services: Eyebrows, Permanent lip makeup, Permanent makeup touch-ups
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Driven to excellence, caring attitude, magic touch, professionalism and dedication to make clients happy makes Nady’s services unique and outstanding.
Nady makes a difference !BIG THANKS!

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Services: Eyebrows, Permanent lip makeup, Microshading, Permanent makeup touch-ups
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Nadia is just amazing! She is the real artist. She knows so well how colours, shapes and styles work with different types of skins and faces, and what is age appropriate. I came to her with my ideas, she suggested her own. The result exceeded my expectations big time! I am so happy that I have listened to Nadya! I now smile when looking at myself in the mirror. 😊

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Fanny Fontaine

Very professional, I love my eyebrows! I highly recommend!

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Joane Siksous

Services: Eyebrows, Private lessons, Microshading, Permanent makeup touch-ups
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Nadia did my make-up prior to a headshot photo session with Vadim, and she did an absolutely outstanding job.
Her make-up was so beautiful that I decided to take make-up lessons with her after and asked her to complete microshading with my eyebrows.
For all of these things, she did an outstanding job, making me look more beautiful and very natural, which is exactly what I wanted.
I highly recommend Nadia to all of my friends and family and will definitely go back. Nadia has the rare talent to enhance people’s beauty. Thank you Nadia!

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Nathalie Ferron

Service: Permanent lip makeup
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
I love this place, Nady is amazing! I absolutely love my lips tattoo and would recommend highly to anyone who wants a tattoo as I am in love with what Nady did for me. Thank you so much :-). I had done my lips just before meeting her and it was all messy and horrible! She correct it and now it is perfect! A very friendly yet professional person, very clean lines and stable hand. Studio maintained cleanliness and hygiene. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

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Lorry Yurkowski

Services: Eyebrows, Permanent lip makeup, Microshading, Powder brow styling, Permanent makeup touch-ups
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Nadia is an angel on this earth. I’m doing powder brows and lip blushing with her.

I previously had very uneven eyebrows that made me super self-conscious. I was at the point of considering a brow lift.

I told her what my issues were and let her do her thing. I completely trusted her advice for my face shape and what she thought the colouring should be.

I don’t know how she did it, but she almost completely evened my brows out and lifted my entire eye area. I look like I’m in my 20s again! Without having to spend like $10k on cosmetic surgery! My brows look so natural and beautiful. I haven’t even had my final session yet and it’s already a crazy transformation. She’s given me a big confidence boost.

My lips look WAYYY fuller, they’re the most beautiful colour. I chucked a bunch of old lip products because what I have naturally now is better. I had a friend ask me what filler I had, and I haven’t had any! Just Nadia’s magic.

Everyone’s results are personal to them, but this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my beauty life.

She’s very kind, smart, beautiful inside and out! Makes you feel like PMU, which can be a bit painful, is like a little spa session. She makes sure you’re comfy in every way, and is very diligent about applying numbing cream at the perfect moments. Plus, she’s just fun to hang out with, too.

Anyway, she’s totally transformed my brows and lips, while still keeping me “me”. If you’re considering this, really go and do it! She is a total master, I feel super lucky to see her exceptional work on my face every day!

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Chems Diouri

I have vitiligo and have significant discoloration on my lips (white patches mixed-in with my natural lip color). I’ve been considering doing lip blushing for awhile now. I found NADY by doing a quick google search and was impressed by her website. She posts before/after pictures of her clients, but what I really appreciated was the “healed” pictures (a more accurate representation of what your lips will look like).

I booked a consult with Nadia and got a quick appointment. She was friendly, professional and very honest. She told me she would try her best to help me achieve the look I wanted and had a substantial amount of knowledge regarding discolored lips.

I’ve had two appointments so far and I couldn’t be happier with the service. Not only are my lips no longer discolored (I still need about 2 more sessions to achieve a perfect uniform look), but her professionalism and hygiene practices are impeccable.

The cost of service is very competitive (her prices are one of the lowest I found), and that does not deter from the quality you receive.

For me, this service was not just about enhancing my lips, but really to hide the discoloration I have because of Vitiligo.Thank you Nadia for giving me back my confidence!

I would HIGHLY recommend this service!

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Marina Petrova

Services: Permanent lip makeup, Powder brow styling
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
I am very happy with the results. My friends adore all services by Nady as well. I would say you can trust her even though you are not sure what you want exactly. Nady works gently and carefully. The price is very friendly. It was a pleasure to meet sweet Nady. I would definitely recommend her!

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Service: Permanent lip makeup
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
I can not say enough positive words about my experience.
I received a lip blushing treatment and was immediately impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise which did not come at the expense of my comfort.
The immediate results were intense, as expected, but I am extremely satisfied.
Nadia creates a custom color for each client depending on their needs and natural lips, and in my case she delivered exact what I expected.
She was very patient and put me at ease. I have worked with some other beauty professionals and some times have felt intimidated. While the treatment itself is somewhat uncomfortable, I did not feel like I had to ‘endure’ and she adapted her technique and work to my needs.
Don’t hesitate to book with Nadia.
I plan on returning for an eyebrow treatment in the coming month.

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Razia Saiem Ali

One of the best experience I got ! Nady, she’s the best, good listener and so professional. I highly recommend her if you want to be sure of the desired results, you won’t be deceived.
Love her work 🙌

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Coraline Musskina

Nady est ultra gentille et super douée, mes lèvres sont vraiment plus belles (correction du manque de symétrie des lèvres supérieures et superbe couleur). Avec un vrai soucis du détail, et un prix très abordable, je suis très satisfaite. Voici un avant, après !Voilou !

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Very professional , and listens to your needs. This was my first time with Nady for her makeup services. I received many compliments from both loved ones and strangers. I liked her work very much. Of note, she has makeup products to cater to very dark skin tones as well.

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Lianna Santullo

Nady has the magical touch of enhancing your natural beauty to make her clients feel and look sophisticated as well as radiant. No matter what the event, she takes her time to ensure that you are comfortable with every step and makes sure to use the right products for your skin. Nady is not only in Makeup Artist, she is also someone who will boost your confidence. Thank you Nady for making me feel powerful and beautiful at the same time, the experience was priceless. Hope we will work together soon.

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Christie Tsartolias

I recently saw Nadia for my makeup for a head shot session. She went above and beyond what I had expected. Not only did she do an absolute amazing job with the makeup, she helped put my nerves at ease and was a total sweetheart. Don’t meet many professionals as sincere and amazing as her. Thank you Nady for everything you did 🙂

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Mel P

Truly incredible makeup artist!
Amazing technique and talent.
If you are looking for a makeup artist, Nadia is the one to contact!
She knows how to make a woman feel glamorous and beautiful.
I highly recommend her.

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Nadia Daly

Nadia is a very talented and devoted Makeup Artist. I have been to a few makeup artists in the past and can confidently say that Nadia is vastly superior to other artists. I had the chance to work with her twice: once for a professional headshot, and a second time for a makeup lesson. The makeup for the career headshot turned out absolutely stunning. I looked fresh yet sharp, and most importantly, I still looked like me (but better). I then took a two hour lesson with Nadia, where she patiently taught me the basics and essentials of makeup application. I received advice that was tailored to my unique features – which YouTube videos are unable to provide. She has a keen eye and remarkable diligence. More importantly, she really cares about her work and holds customer satisfaction to heart. I recommend Nadia without any reservation.

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Millania Michael

It was such a great experience! Nadia is very professional and talented. I like her taste, actually I asked her to see what better suits me and do it, and it turned out to be amazing! I found the products used to be of a great quality.
Above all that, personality wise, she’s very friendly, helpful and cheerful.
Thank you so much Nadia for a job well done 😘

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Maia Slivinschi

Great make up artist! Nadya is talented, professional and very welcoming! High quality make up products in the hands of a pro creates amazing results. First time ever I was happy with the results of a make up artist. Highly recommended! I will be for sure calling Nadya for all my future needs of a special look.

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Elisheva Goldberg

Nadia’s makeup skills are bar none the best I have ever seen. I absolutely loved my makeup ! She made me feel comfortable and paid attention to details that made all the difference. I would encourage anyone who has had trouble finding the right makeup artist to go to Nadia, you won’t need to look any further.

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Jason Bergeron

My sweetheart and I did a photoshoot with Nadia and she made her feel like an absolute princess. She took the time to explain and ensure that the colours matched every single outfit. Her attention to detail is bar to none and with it, we feel absolutely blessed to have been able to work so closely with this incredible woman. Throughout the whole shoot, she would step in and adjust hair, fix makeup, and even hide bra straps! She cares so much about her clients and it is deeply felt. Her passion shines through in her work. We will definitely work with her again in the near future. We highly recommend her!

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Anick Paquin

Nady is a very talented makeup artist! She does her job with passion and knows exactly how to make you feel beautiful. She is delicate and very nice!

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Asha Talbert

One of the best makeup artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Nady is very professional with a keen eye for detail.

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best mua montreal


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